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12th Nov 2016 from TwitLonger

Roster Announcement

It comes with great sadness and excitement we would like to announce a change to our roster for the 2016/17 season with the release of Bacabec in replacement of Damage.

After a relatively successful run as a to4 we felt as though we were one of the first teams to finally give MF a run for their money at S2 finals and contest the #1 spot in our region, with that being said we felt as though as a team we had hit our peak. We all aspire to be the best in our region and Myself, Rene and Kainen believe that to bring us to the next level this change was necessary. Hayden/Damage has been a top competitor in our region ever since he set foot and brings both immense skill and experience a young team like ours requires.

Although this may be an end to a 7month run with Nate, none of us could fault him on his prowess as a player and a person and wish him nothing but the best. With our final competition together being the LPL New Zealand League we hope to finish off strong with a win.

With the addition of Hayden joining, we will also be bringing Locky on board with us as our team manager. Locky had previous successes in the past managing both Hayden and Rene and it makes sense for us to have someone we all trust involved with our team.

That being said we are excited for the 2016/17 season, and yes we are still orgless so feel free to contact either myself or Locky.

The full team consists of


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