The future of Unspecified

June 6th, that was the date Unspecified was formed by Radioo, Didris and dani28201. They formed the team mainly to play in RLCS season 1, Qualifier 2. After playing in RLCS they started to look for a substitute, June 30th BloodPointTV joined as a substitute. One week later on July 7th FreezingWolves became our coach and July 12 LuxX joined the team and we now were a 5 man roster. We now became more of a serious team.

We managed to get in to the Power Rankings, ending up in 9th place as our best ranking! And had a few decent runs in tournaments.

Now that you know our story about how we started, it's time to tell you about the future of our team.

Didris has been very busy with both work and school, which gave him very little time to practice and play tournaments, which led to his decision to leave and take a break from the competitive scene.
LuxX and dani28201 have decided to leave due to didris retiring from competitive and themselves having less time to play the game due to school and uni. They will be looking for new teams though.

Now, Radioo and BloodPointTV will stay together in the name of Unspecified, looking for 2 new players to join the team that have the dedication and the time to really improve together before the next season of RLCS and keep a consistent position in the power rankings. Freezingwolves will probably stay as our coach but will take a break until we have a full roster again.

The team disbanded on really good terms and we wish the best of luck to eachother in the future.

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