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13th Sep 2016 from TwitLonger

RLCS Mishaps, Roster changes, Re-branding and moving forwards.

So RLCS was last weekend and we got a decent bracket stage. One of our main players Gerry Goorlap was unable to attend since he couldn't get the time off work so we went with Oneill, AeonHeart & Mx22. We ended up losing in the winners final against OhMyDog and later faced The late Ones which we had already beat 2-1 in the Semi's. Coming down to the last game we ended up losing out and thus we got knocked out the RLCS. It was a series we should have been able to win but the late ones played well and never gave up showing they deserved to go through.

Gerry Goorlap & Tostiapparaat since then have decided to leave the roster to become Free agents again, Mx22, Oneill & Aeonheart have decided to stick together and Clint Sinclair will also be joining the roster.

Shazoo as a team name will be disappearing, although i personally enjoyed the idea of creating a history around one specific name i feel over the past few months with so many roster swaps and issues it's not quite formed into something which i hoped for. So over the next week or 2 we will likely be changing to a different name entirely.

Moving forwards you can expect to see this roster playing in Gfinitys,esls etc..hopefully we can find a good balance and work towards breaking into the top 16 of the power rankings.we plan to work over the coming months to find the solution to our misplays we made in the RLCS and next season work towards fixing those wrongs and becoming a team people look forward to watching but hate to play against.

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