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26th Aug 2016 from TwitLonger

Theorycrafting and Legion

If you talk to many theorycrafters about the state of TC going into Legion they will likely tell you that things are much more up in the air than they have been in past expansions. New features like legendaries and artifacts have dramatically expanded the search space for solutions and many new mechanics are quite complicated to reason about and model correctly. To make matters worse Blizzard has been retuning things right up until the end with major tuning changes to specs, trinkets, and legendaries within the past week. This is in the long run good, as it will hopefully lead to a more balanced, less mechanically broken, game for most of the playerbase but these last minute changes only make things harder for TCers, many of whom were already behind the eight ball.

I understand people want answers, the existence of artifacts makes getting things right more important now than it has been during previous expansions but please have patience with us. The answer we give today may not be correct tomorrow because things are changing, both mechanically and with our understanding. I know people want hard and fast answers now but in many cases the most honest answer we can give is "I don't know" or highly speculative at best. If an answer you get tomorrow is different from the answer you got yesterday you let me assure you that our goal was not to mislead you yesterday, but represented the best answer we knew at the time.

Uncertainty is something most theorycrafters are used to dealing with but for the players who use and consume the information we provide uncertainty can be anathema. Regardless of our uncertainty in exact answers I remain quite confident that rigorous, mathematical/analytical/numerical approaches provide better answers than "feelycraft" to use Binkenstein's wonderful term. If you can accept our uncertainty we can provide you the best answers we know.

Please have patience with us because we really are doing our best.

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