Greetings Survivors,

As those of you participating in testing on the Experimental/Unstable branch on Steam are aware, we have been working hard on iterating 0.60 towards a stable branch candidate. We've received outstanding support from the community, through both extensive bug reports on our Official Forums, and large amounts of server crash and performance data on the Experimental Branch servers themselves.

The team has been working hard on isolating several specific server crashes from the experimental branch servers that we are unfortunately unable to reproduce internally. To that end, as frustrating as it may be, your consistent testing on the builds that have these issues has generated a large amount of crash dumps and logging for the team to analyze. We'll be using this data on Monday, but in the mean time we will be switching the Experimental Branch servers to the last known good 0.60 build for the weekend.

No ETA as of this moment on experimental server downtime, but we will let you know just as soon as they come back online and the client update is ready.

Thank you again for your continued support!

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