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10th May 2016 from TwitLonger

I tried some decentralised message boards

* Usenet
** I was already a casual user of newsgroups. They still work the best, go figure.
** Only one of these that has some discussion, but way less than a Reddit or 4chan and only about specific subjects. e.g. rec.sport.tennis is active.

* Aether
** Totally dead. Can't even connect.
** AGPLv3 on Github, but it also has an EULA when you start the program for the first time.

* Frizbee
** Site is broken. Won't let me register or do anything.
** The repo on github has only four files. And no licence.

* Zeronet/Zerotalk
** Posts don't seem to be assorted into groups/categories? Everything is just on one long page.
** GPLv2

* NNTP-Chan
** This one is an image board, if you didn't already guess that.
** Interface needs some work, replying isn't as intuitive as on 4chan.
** MIT

* Frost on Freenet
** Like Usenet on Freenet
** A lot of shitposting and questionable material
** GPLv2

* FMS on Freenet
** After waiting a while, three dozen posts showed up.
** Works like an traditional web forum.
** I downloaded the source, no licence came with it.

* Retroshare
** Empty.
** GPLv2

* EthereumWall
** Needs a special browser that I couldn't get to run.
** Assuming it looks the same in that browser, same comment as I made for Zerotalk. Also I don't see replies to anything, can you reply?
** To be fair, the maker of it says it's an experiment.
** Source code for the "contracts" is on the site, doesn't mention licence. But I don't know anything about Ethereum.

* Planet Awesome
** Tips with their own altcoin instead of upvotes. Not for me.
** Code for the site is on github but it doesn't mention the licence? Found something from 9 months ago saying it would be open-sourced.

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