For those of you asking...

Ok, so I have been getting a ton of questions about WHEN the moose runs will begin. The thing is, there's this issue of supply and demand. The demand far exceeds the supply at this point! And by supply, I mean carriers willing to carry, not moose mounts. Pretty sure Archimonde has enough of those for everyone :)

The idea is to allow talented, geared raiders to donate their time and talents to help fellow Hordies get their moose mount. So far we are still short too many carriers to even start planning our inaugural moose run. Don't fret! I am still actively searching for carriers and am determined for this to happen, just wanted to give an explanation as to why it hasn't just yet. I had several people sign up to be carriers that don't quite match what I am looking for, so let me clarify.

In order to make the kills as painless as possible, here's what I'm looking for in a carrier:
Item level 720+
Several heroic Archimonde kills
Ideally, mythic progression as well

If you or anyone you know meets these requirements to be carriers, please sign up using this link:

Keep an eye out for more announcements!

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