Walpole Police have issued a statement in which they refer to a "Good Samaritan," presumably Darius Fleming:

"On Thursday January 14th at 16:18 hrs. the Walpole Police did respond to the area of 2245 Route 1 for a reported three car motor vehicle crash that was moderate in nature with no injuries reported. Attached is the narrative from that report:

"All of the involved operators stated that a truck was turning right onto Foxhill Dr which vehicle's two and three slowed down for. The operator of vehicle one did not stop and rear ended vehicle two. This caused vehicle two to rear end vehicle three. Vehicle one and two were towed from the scene. No injuries were reported.

"There was no fire involved in this crash however there was air bag deployment, which to the untrained eye can appear as if the vehicle is enveloped in smoke. The officers on scene did indicate one of the vehicles did have a broken window. The operator of that vehicle did make statements to one officer that a male party 'kicked in my window, I think he was a patriot'. This was not entered into the report as this was a standard motor vehicle crash report with no injury. On arrival the individual in question was not on scene and due to the nature of the accident there was no follow up to this information as the identity to an unknown good Samaritan had no bearing on this report. We are attempting to obtain more information at this time and will follow up with another release should we learn more."

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