Why I am taking a Break from Hearthstone.

Hey guys, Toast here!

So, as some of you may have noticed - I haven’t been uploading that much videos to the channel recently. In the past 2 weeks I’ve only released the one video about Inconsistency in Hearthstone. There’s multiple factors for this, but the main one is: “Loss of passion”.

I'm burned out.

The only time I’ve opened the game in the last few weeks is to record some game footage for videos, I haven’t played arena, brawl or ranked games. I’ve stopped tuning into Hearthstone streams as well.

I’ve always tried my best in making sure my content is of a decent quality. That may not have always been the case but I really did make sure to put in the time and effort to produce good Hearthstone content because I really cared about the game.

The videos, the infographics were all meant to improve the community’s enjoyment or understanding of the game.

The Card Origin series was meant to provide a lore background to all these cool cards you see in the game. The Missed Lethal videos was to show that despite most people calling the game an RNG fest - there are occasional moments where skills made the difference between a win and a loss. And the Hearthstone Quiz videos was to highlight the more unknown or unique interactions in Hearthstone.

Even though I’m a relatively small cog in the Hearthstone wheel, I’ve always enjoyed doing my part in trying to improve the game. When TGT first came out I made a series of videos highlighting all the bugs that the community has the discovered, it became the #1 Post on Reddit and even made Polygon. And in the last couple of patches, Blizzard ended up fixing most of these bugs.

But these days, nothing about Hearthstone excites me anymore. When I sit down and think about Hearthstone video ideas - I have no motivation to make them. The Inconsistency in Hearthstone video was made because it’s something I always wanted to talk about, and I figured if I’m going to take a break from Hearthstone, I rather do it after releasing something that aimed to improve the game in some way.

Maybe I just need some time away from the game. Maybe some announcement at Blizzcon will spark my interest again. Maybe it’s because no one I know in real life cares about Hearthstone and it feels depressing to have no one to talk to about it. Maybe it’s because an organization stole my work and removed my logo from it and Blizzard ended up giving them a TGT card to reveal while they rejected my request to do a Card Origin video on one of the unreleased TGT cards (PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt).

I know if I continue to make Hearthstone content, the quality of it will suffer - and people will definitely notice the difference in production, which is why I don’t want to just cobble together a Card Origin videos and toss it out there.

I have no idea how long this break will last. Could been a few weeks, could be a few months.

I guess ultimately, it was unfeasible for someone to base their entire being around one specific game. Financially-speaking, it’s definitely not sustainable either. YouTube ads unfortunately does not pay enough for me to make Hearthstone content full-time.

I’m also considering getting a “real” full-time job and doing YouTubing as a part-time thing moving forward.

SO - What’s going to happen to the Disguised Toast channel?

I will be uploading non-Hearthstone content here eventually. Possibly Overwatch, League of Legends, Destiny, Fallout 4? Who knows. But I’ll probably upload the occasional Hearthstone content every now and then if the topic is right.

I know everyone who subscribed to my channel did so because of Hearthstone content and won’t be happy about the change. I hope at least some of you will stay because you enjoyed my editing and the efforts I put into making enjoyable gaming content, regardless of which game it is.

While sometimes I do feel ignored by Blizzard as an organization, the individuals on the Hearthstone team has shown me nothing but kindness and support since I started Disguised Toast. Special mention to Community Manager Robert “Whirthun” Wing, Producer Yong Woo, and Game Designer Ben Brode for being especially awesome from the start.

That’s gonna do it for me guys. Thanks for all the support you guys have shown me and I hope to continue making great content for you all!

Lights out ╰། ▀Ĺ̯▀ །╯,
- Toast

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