Future plan

It's been a long time i write about this. First of all , I want to thank big Steve for helping me
improved as a person also as a coach, and thank mark/joka for helping me all the time managing team.
Thank all 5 player’s and TL staff work with me, especially Dom.Dom helping me lot to coach the team in the beginning of the spring split. Really appreciate the time spend with all of you guys.

Team Liquid
TL is the first foreign team I joined. I have never been to a different language team, it
hurts a lot in the beginning, especially we still have 2 Koreans on the team. But I think we fixed
these issues in the end of spring split which we eventually break the curse. But also there is lot
issues we didn't fix as a team which I don't want to mentioned here, I hopefully they will fix in
the next split. They are all talented player, i wish them best of luck and do well in the next split.

For me
I have been talking with some LCS team and Challenger team during this month. Also I got some offer
from other regions. I still don't know which team i will go for it, but I will see which team is
best for me. I want to thank all the fans who love me and support me. New York fan is crazy!
I meet a guy who come from New York come to say hi to me at twitchcon, I feel
so loved.:> I also considering about quitting league and go back to china before, but thoorin inspiring
me keep coaching and I don’t want all the fan sad, so i think i might be keep doing it.
Anyways, i still think I’m a good guy and a good coach, I still have confidence can bring any team
to the top-tier. I bring LMQ from challenger to Top to worlds. I bring Curse academy to LCS.I
also bring TL break the curse, I guess it's not bad.

Last word
Thank Eric and Sharon for helping me through whole my career.
Thanks for reading this long post.
And if your team is interested in adding coaching staff
Please send email to yipzhang123@gmail.com

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