Interview with Farrah Abraham, 26th September 2015.

Farrah, what happened at the BB BOTS recording on 22nd September 2015?
"I was assaulted twice by Aisleyne Horgan Wallace and Janice Dickinson.
After speaking with the police and my lawyer, I have pressed charges against Aisleyne and am considering issuing a lawsuit against Janice."

Media reports claim Aisleyne either threw Champagne or a Champagne glass at you, is this true?
"I can confirm that Aisleyne did assault me and it is now in the hands of the police."

Press reports claim Vicki Michelle pressed charges against you because you threw a glass at her at BB BOTS, is this true?
"In regards to Vicki pressing charges against me, I can confirm I was neither arrested nor convicted of anything. I was already liaising with the police in regards to everything which happened at BB BOTS because my manager was the first party to call the police that night. To clear my name, of my own free will, I explained to the police what really happened with Vicki. They looked over the BB BOTS video footage in detail and said no crime had been committed and therefore no charges were made against me."

So did you purposely throw a glass at Vicki?
"No, absolutely not! I was deeply shocked and traumatised following the initial attack by Aisleyne and was very frightened she was going to attack me again or glass me, so my natural instinct was to jump up and do something to defend myself to make Aisleyne back-off. As a defence mechanism, I threw an empty Champagne glass towards the wall and unfortunately Vicki got caught in the crossfire 100% by accident. It was apparent from the BB BOTS' footage that the glass was not aimed at Vicki or anyone else, I would never throw a glass directly at someone or deliberately want to cause them harm."

Reports claim that Vicki allegedly said you threw the glass at her and it could have almost blinded her and she suffered concussion and whiplash, what is your response?
"The Champagne glass did not go anywhere near Vicki's eyes or front of her face, she was in no danger of being blinded. The glass I threw towards the wall was empty, slim and lightweight and, from looking back at the video footage, it only tapped the back of her head thank goodness. It was apparent it wasn't directly aimed at Vicki and was being thrown towards the wall as a self-defence reaction to Aisleyne's attack on me.
I'm very confused as to how such a lightweight glass could be heavy enough to cause whiplash or concussion - but thankfully Vicki tweeted immediately after the show that she was OK . I had presumed Vicki was OK before she tweeted though because a member of BB BOTS team informed my manager within minutes of the incident that Vicki, along with Janice and Aisleyne, was allegedly happy to continue filming the show.
However my manager told BB BOTS it would be distasteful for any of the panellists to return due to the night's incidences so I presume that's why they chose to have Rylan continue the show alone. I personally didn't want to continue filming the show because I was in pain and just wanted to get seen by a medic and go home!"

Are you sorry that Vicki got caught in the crossfire?
"Absolutely, I'm deeply sorry! I may speak my mind and come across as opinionated sometimes, but I would never want to harm anyone intentionally. I'm very upset that Vicki got caught-up by accident as a result of what I did to try to defend myself against Aisleyne's assault and unacceptable behaviour."

Aisleyne and Vicki went to the press almost immediately after the incident to reveal their side of the story. Why have you waited until now to speak out?
"Running immediately to a publication and selling a story for a fast buck wasn't my first priority, it was to seek medical attention, recover and correctly deal with the legal side of things first. I'm only revealing my side of the story now to clear-up any false rumours but am not receiving a fee for this, it would be distasteful to make money selling stories from the unfortunate events which took place at BB BOTS."

Aisleyne allegedly says your claim that you were assaulted twice is false, what's your response?
"Perhaps she is uneducated and doesn't understand the definition of assault."

Was Aisleyne hostile from the first moment you met her on BB BOTS?
"Yes! When I first joined the BOTS panel Vicki Michelle introduced me to Aisleyne and I smiled and said hi. She stared at her Champagne glass and deliberately ignored me, shed exuded anger and hostility."

How did Aisleyne assault you?
"I don't wish to discuss this because the police are dealing with this matter as we speak.
I will say though that I believe Aisleyne's attack on me was pre-mediated because of some Tweets she put on Twitter a few days prior to BB BOTS, which she has since removed. I'm convinced she wanted to cause me harm and start trouble.
If I hadn't of thrown a glass on the floor and at the wall in defence to make her back off, I believe she may have attacked me further. I was frightened by her hostility and behaviour."

Why do you think Aisleyne was so hostile towards you that night?
"She expressed on Twitter a few days previous that she was "raging" because I called her friend Nicola McLean a dumb bitch on BB BOTS. Until BB BOTS, Nicola had never met me in person but had been very disrespectful about me in the press previously, but when I gave her a taste of her own medicine on BB BOTS, she didn't like it. Instead of coming back with something intelligent, she saidt: 'Go back and have another baby at 16 and then come back to me'. She obviously failed to realise I'm 24 and can't go back to being a 16-year-old again!
Nicola's a narrow-minded, judgemental person for attempting to make a mockery of teenage mothers. "

Janice Dickinson claims she threw a chair at you to protect Vicki, what are your thoughts on this?
"After I threw the Champagne glasses to try to make Aisleyne back-off I turned round and walked away to leave the set. I didn't want to be attacked again or things to escalate, I chose to remove myself from the hostile situation.
As I walked away though, Janice hurled a chair aggressively towards me with great force. I was deeply shocked by her aggressive behavior, especially seeing as she is a more mature lady. Janice was not protecting Vicki because, 1) I was not attacking Vicki and, 2), I had my back turned and was walking away from the set. This was evident on the video footage"

Were you injured by Janice's actions?
"Yes and I have provided a hospital medical report and photos of my injuries to both the police and my lawyer."

The day the photos of you in the wheelchair outside St Thomas hospital were released, Aisleyne made a comment on her Twitter saying: 'Absolutely despise when people waste national health services & resources on FAKE bullshit. My god, our services are under enough strain'. Do you think this was aimed at you?
"Yes! But I don't deal in fake bullshit, I'm real and deal in facts. The facts are Janice injured me by hurling a chair aggressively at me. A medic attended to me immediately backstage after the incident at BB BOTS. As a result of my injuries, I was still in a lot of pain the next morning though so my manager took me to hospital to receive further medical attention. The Big Brother team offered to send me to a private doctor but I was in so much pain that I didn't want to wait for them to sort an appointment and chose to go to A&E instead."

Do you have final comments about the night's events?
"I believe Aisleyne was out to provoke me that day and planned a pre-mediated attack. The morning of the show, my manager contacted BB BOTS and asked them to put me in a separate dressing room away from Aisleyne because my manager was aware of threatening and negative comments Aisylene had previously made towards me on Twitter and in her columns. Aisleyne was hostile from the first moment we met on the panel and, when she attacked me I felt scared, shocked and threatened by her. The truth is I only threw a glass at the wall to try to protect myself from further harm and to make Aisleyne back-off, I'm truly sorry Vicki got caught in the crossfire by accident, but I wasn't arrested or convicted of anything. If Aisleyne had behaved appropriately to begin with, everything would have been fine. I'm devastated things turned so sour as a result of Aisleyne's negative attack on me and that she has shown no remorse for her actions. As for Janice's assault on me, I'm deeply upset by it and had to cancel work as a result of my injuries and emotional distress, which is a great shame.
On a more positive note, I'd like to say a big thank you to my fans for their continued love and support! You're the best!"

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