Smite on Steam

Just figured I would answer some questions people are having.

1. Do I need to use Steam to play Smite in the future?
A: Nope. We will always have our own launcher, and anyone who uses steam will still need to make a Hirez Account. This means anyone on our launcher can use steam, and vice versa.

2. Will Steam users be able to play versus normal client users?
A: Yep, there is essentially no difference except what platform you choose to use to launch Smite.

3. Will we be able to see player number? That is a feature on steam.
A: You will be able to see how many players are playing through Steam, not how many are playing total.

4. Does this mean I can use Steam Waller for purchases now?
A: Yes.

If you guys have any other questions feel free to ask; we will have more information as we get closer to actually launching but I can answer things in the meantime.

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