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[Interview] 150720 Cosmopolitan - “Baby Blue, Taemin”

< Taemin, who is close to a very light blue color >

C: Due to the volcanic eruption on Java island, most airports were shut down. You’ve earned an unexpected getaway thanks to a natural disaster, so how is it? You’ve been working too hard without stopping recently, so isn’t it exciting to get this kind of break?

T: It’s true that I have a hectic schedule, but this kind of situation isn’t exciting for me. I’ve gone through the experience of not being able to board a plane due to a natural disaster a few times before, and though the next schedule is worrying in itself, I was more worried that someone might have been hurt. Even this time, don’t the people who live here face harm in some way or another (due to the eruption)?

C: Then, if you were to spend a holiday somewhere you couldn’t fly out of for a month — for a different reason other than a natural disaster — where would you want to go?

T: I think it would be better to stay in nature rather than in a city. That said, I wouldn’t want to spend it in ‘rough’ nature like a jungle, but somewhere peaceful and beautiful.... Ah, Switzerland’s great outdoors would be good! The season would have to be summer.

C: It’s a well known fact that music critics pick SHINee albums as the best among idol albums. What’s the secret to getting the support of both the general public and critics at the same time?

T: My guess is that it’s because our team color is a bit different from other existing idols. Since our debut, we’ve pursued (the identity of) a contemporary group and strived to find the most sophisticated music, fashion, and performance within the same period. It seems that both critics and fans acknowledge our efforts regarding this, so I feel fortunate.

C: Not only that, but fashion magazine editors evaluate SHINee’s fashion as the best idol fashion as well. There were also reviews that deemed the pants for “View” concept as being over-the-top, but we thought SHINee was ahead of the curve. What was your favourite out of all the styles SHINee has tried so far?

T: It’s always fun and exciting to work on attempting to match the style to the song. Personally, I’ve liked them all, but if I had to choose just one, I’d pick “Everybody.” The fitted look of the uniforms suited the song well, and wasn’t the style itself unique and cool? Haha.

“I like people of fine character who know how to show consideration for others. And when they speak or act, it has to come across as genuine.”

C: You were the first to try solo activities among the SHINee members. Are you planning a second solo album? Is there anything you’d like to try when you’re solo, and not a group member?

T: I want to try things that I couldn’t as SHINee. Things that are more “me,” should I say? Mm let's see, what would be good? I think it might be good to make an album with a more lasting impression. For instance, I could put a message in the music; but whatever the method, I’d like to resonate in people’s memories for longer.

C: Recently, collaborations between artists have become more diversified. Is there an artist you’d like to work with on your next album?

T: I think there are lots of unexpected combinations in collaborations these days, and even though it might not be “fresh,” I’d like to work with my friends. If I could work with close friends like Kai (of Exo), Timoteo (of Hotshot), and Ravi (of Vixx), I think it would be really exciting.

C: It’s been a while since Minho and Onew began acting. But truthfully, if you consider outer appearances, aren’t you the one who "looks" most like an actor? Haha. Fans say they aren’t satisfied with just your cameo appearance in < High Kick 3 >, so what kind of part would be best for your first acting role?

T: I’ve never thought about it in specific detail but I’d hope it wouldn’t be an image of me that already exists in people’s minds. If I start acting, it’ll probably be at a time when I feel like I need a change.

C: Is the image of Taemin that we think of different from reality? To be honest, the Taemin we see on broadcast feels like a maknae sibling, but the real Taemin we meet at photoshoots always comes across as manly.

T: I can’t say it’s a misunderstanding if you’re basing it off the image of me on broadcast, but there are parts (of myself) that I unconsciously become more cautious about because of the image of me that people have in their minds. Which isn’t to say that I’m going to suddenly transform my image, but I’m planning on slowly changing bit by bit so that other people feel comfortable with it.



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