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28th Jun 2015 from TwitLonger

(MORE) Long List of close similarities between Maze Runner and Wayward Pines.

part2 (after seeing all of MR)

Alby/Pope is dragged away out of sight by a partially-visible taloned creature.

There had been mysterious "disappearances" in the world before - leading to people showing up here.

People were carefully observed - only people who passed certain criteria were arranged to end up here.

An innocent young woman is tied up outside, hands over her head, as a superstitious sacrifice for the welfare of the group.

Our hero gets outside of the complex, finding that the institutions he expected to find are broken down and abandoned. We see a broken down and abandoned cityscape.

He finds civilization has been decimated by changes in the natural world, and consequent disturbances to human nature.

The young are said to be the only hope for humanity. Some who came before our heroes were in such duress that they committed suicide.

A knowing blonde professional tells the youths the truth about what has happened.
( The MR character of Ava Paige is quite reminiscent of both Pam and also Megan Fisher in WP. )

Our hero is rescued from a dangerous situation by helicopter. A man in the helicopter is gentle and reassuring.

********** WP Spoilers: *******************

The creatures are let in to the main living area. I have read summaries of the books which indicate this will happen.

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