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28th Jun 2015 from TwitLonger

Long List of close similarities between Maze Runner and Wayward Pines.

(version #1 6/28/2015)

Central green lifestyle area surrounded by cliffs/walls.

Just a few rules here, you'll get along fine.

New people arrive from underground on a regular basis, as well as food and other supplies.

There is a small group of elites who are able to leave the central area, and know to be careful.

Our hero is first told he is not to go beyond the wall, and at first it is not clear that this is for his own safety.

Our hero is taken aside and told of a previous time in which there was much chaos and death, but a new order is being preseved now.

He is told that people like him are needed.

In general people don't remember or think of their life before.

Words are scrawled on a wall, conveying unknown menace and danger.

Unusual memorable word: Abby/Alby.

There are mysterious growling monsters beyond the wall.

Our hero finds a carcass in the woods.

Our hero is attacked viciously by one of the elites, and there appears to be something wrong with his mind.

This is the last straw for the attacker, known in the community as dangerous, and he is first struck and bloodied, then ultimately
is swallowed up beyond the wall during a brief period where the portal opens.
WP: pulled through dead
MR: pushed through alive

Our hero makes his way beyond the wall, and survives a direct encounter with a murderous creature.

A female who knows our hero arrives from underground to join the group.

There is a superstitious system of punishments, and debate about whether to apply them.

Prominent flashing red light on the local technology.

Embedded technology removed from flesh.

Strings of numbers & letters suggesting coded part #.
WP: by the underground entrances to e.g. "Coffee"
MR: removed from the creature

Our hero enters a room and sees an impressive table-model of the area.

Early on, wise authority figure is black man, but he is soon out of commission and plays very small role in the rest of the plot. He expresses pessimism about their situation. He says emotionally that our hero is especially beloved by the powers that be, but doesn't understand why.

I'm only 2/3 through MR, and we've only seen 6 eps of TP, so there are probably more. Also, the Alby character might end up being more important in the latter part of MR.

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