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12th May 2015 from TwitLonger

Translation for Hyun Joong's handwritten letter before enlistment...

Hello, I’m Kim Hyun Joong.
There was hardly a chance to greet (you)
and finally here comes the farewell greetings.
To be honest, I was utmost regretful all this while.
As a public figure, I couldn’t convey my thoughts,
That I have to go hiatus to reflect on my immature self,
and it was indeed a tough period spent.
I’ve also given a lot of thought on how should I convey my apologies and farewell earnestly.
To all my fans in my heart…no..
I have two feelings to convey to all my fans.
Apologies, gratitude…
Many of you have given me a lot of emotional support during the hardest time.
The never-changing trust for me more than I could take, how could I repay all these…
And to those who were angry and hurt (after the news) because of me, I don’t know how I should convey (my apologies) but I’m taking it as an heavy debt (as I enlist).

Of course it’s a fact that every men born in this piece of land (South Korea) will be enlisted into the army, but finally when it’s my turn, I’m feeling a little nervous.
I always thought that I have been working hard and living ambitiously all this while…but when the day finally comes, I’m feeling nervous…
But anyway, in the next 2 years, I believe I will venture on a whole new path.
As a man, an entertainer, a responsible public figure.
I will come back maturely.

Throughout the past 1 year, I have lived under the love and support that I have received and felt from my family, friends, colleagues, people whom I am grateful to, and fans.

I will return once after I complete my duties, as a better person, if not a perfect individual.
I promise to greet you again with smiles on the day of my return, and this ends my letter.

12th May 2015,
Kim Hyun Joong.

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