Who are behind the all #violence occurred in #Myanmar since 2012? #Reform or #Regime
There is a DVD Lecture on the topic “Compassion and the Country” by honorable monks, writers and civil right activists in which they discussed about regime, violence and root cause of all violence, trying to educate peoples of Myanmar.
I have just translated a question of question section from that DVD. The whole lecture is full of evidence for preplanned violence of Thein Sein Government since 2012.
I’m a monk from Mandalay according to Einstein, the destruction of world is not because of cruel men but because of the silence of the virtuous people. I would like to know if your topic of lecture ‘Compassion (metta) and the Country’ related to the nationwide violence in Myanmar.Starting from RakhineState to Mitthila, Lasho, Okkan and lastly in Mandalay, killing, burning and inhumane activities occurred in Myanmar as if there is no comparison at all. Old people might experience such kind of inhumane violence once in their lives but for us, I have experience in my young age, 100s of times. I would like to know if it is related to lack of compassion, inhumane violence acts which is opposite of compassion. Who are responsible for that, who committed such kind of crimes against humanity. What is the root cause of those violence occurred in Myanmar since 2012?

I would like to answer your question briefly. The main root of all violence in Myanmar is totalitarian regime. I have just read Moe Thee Zun’s book in which he mentioned characteristics of regime. Regime uses every way including violence to maintain power.
As Einstein said wisely, I think, destruction of the World is because of the intelligent people who failed to control a group of cruel people. That’s really true.
General Aung San said ‘During revolutionary period, we need active persons, not intelligent who cannot involve and dedicate at the front. Our country at the present is revolutionary period, our necessities are not food, shelter, cloth and education, and we really need a revolution of ideology, intellect and true justice. Lack of ideological revolution causes to happen such violence.
A group of lethal armed people came by cars and bikes, started killing, burning, looting and disappeared. Everywhere the same group of people.
When we analyzed that we came to know that if those group of people protested against government, certainly they would be arrested within a few minutes. This town, that town and every town wherever violence occurred the same method was used by them. Who were those people?
In Mandalay the mob by bikes were going around holding swords and rods. We said let them shout “our right, our right” against government, within minutes they would be arrested. Pondering on that point, we came to know that all violence were preplanned by the regime.

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