Tommey · @Tommey

10th Mar 2015 from TwitLonger

I know it's been a very long time since anything has been announced in regards to STORM, but unfortunately it will no longer be happening. I'm quite disappointed about this as I was rather looking forward to setting something up in the UK, however it's not all bad news. A lot of you will know by now but for those that do not, Gotaga has left Vitality and joined Millenium. If you watched one of my previous YouTube videos on my departure from V, you will know that I never wanted to leave Vitality, and we had originally planned to set up Vitality.UK but due to there being two French teams it just wasn't possible. So, with that being said I will now be creating Vitality.STORM after the Call of Duty Championships with Epsilon (/Gfinity open). I wish Gotaga the best of luck in Millenium, it's great to see him compete alongside his brother.

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