Unthrocon's name has been changed to @FurryUnlocked.

Finally it’s time for the big announcement!

We are changing the name of Unthrocon!

Unthrocon was started as a small gaming gathering that happened the same weekend as Anthrocon- for those that could not attend it. Since then the con has changed greatly throughout the years and we no longer feel that the name Unthrocon describes what we are. We also want to give ourself a unique name that stands out from other conventions.

The two big focuses for our convention has always been about furries and gaming. We have taken a lot of time to refine and focus on those two concepts. We have decided to go with a duel meaning to our name.

Unthrocon’s name has officially been changed to Furry Unlocked!
So the name of our con defines what we hope everyone receives when they come to the con: an opportunity to unlock your inner furry, getting to know what the fandom is about, and to spend time with your friends and even make new ones.

As far as the gaming side, you unlock things when you play video games. Every time something is unlocked you receive a notification saying Achievement Unlocked. At the con we hope you can bring your game and have an opportunity to unlock some of our special achievements.

We are super excited to see new things Unlock in the coming months as we update our site and give a makeover to our beloved mascot Roki.

We hope to see you all at Furry Unlocked 2015.

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