Today you may see Storifys floating around trying desperately to prove that I maliciously ruined a charity stream (for a charity I am partnered with). These Storifys will not include the initial reaction of the streamer in which he flipped out and insulted me and I doubt they will include many if any of the 300+ people who within the hours following, sent threats of violence, insults and as many wishes as possible that the cancer get me quickly. They will I'm sure include the tweets in response in which I call them crazy and stupid for these threads and their reaction. I stand by those statements 100%. These are people who have constructed a narrative in their heads in which I am a villain. They know very little of me of course, only what they've been told. Maybe they read that stupid SA post from 8 years ago, practically a lifetime on the internet and made their assumptions there. Maybe they just believe in the guilty by association fallacy and have ignored the focus on ethics and condemnation of harassment that has been going on for YEARS on my channel.

I remember the day in which I said publicly that I was pro Gamergate, it was accompanied by an image that said this "I support women in gaming, I condemn harassment, I am against biased and corrupt games journalism". What pushed me off the fence? A dell employee crazy enough to call everyone involved in the hashtag as "worse than ISIS". As John Clees said, the biggest enemy of any extremist is the moderate. As the insanity went on more and more people came off the fence because of just how awful people were being. I have during this entire thing never engaged in harassment, but I've certainly received a great deal of it and for what? Speaking out about the same things I've been saying since my Mailbox videos in 2011? That games media can do a better job at being less incestuous? Disclosing its friendships? Maybe not writing about people you live with without telling people first? Not treating your readers like idiots? Not claiming "oh yeah we don't accept gifts from publishers" before taking pictures of giant expensive custom flags that you hung on your wall, or selling off custom Bayonetta gun models on ebay for your own personal profit? I get it man, games media doesn't pay that well unless you're big on Youtube but lemme tell you this, honesty costs nothing. But yes that great crime and yesterday for promoting a stream for a charity with whom as of last month I have an OFFICIAL PARTNERSHIP WITH, I was bombarded with threats and even had an irrelevant ex-NFL player demand that games developers following him seriously reconsider working with our company.

Let me tell you Chris why companies work with us. Because we have a 5 year history of professionalism, honesty and fairness. With that we were able to build an audience that eclipses the vast majority of traditional games media and that is only going to grow come 2015. Youtube has outpaced traditional games media to the point where its relevance, at least when it comes to reviewing or even previews, is becoming more tenuous by the day. Those who do not adapt to this change in media consumption will surely fall by the wayside. Those of us did well, we are where we are now. Somehow, I doubt that 5 years of building relationships with these companies and proving time and again that they can trust us to do a good job, is going to be undone by your online warbling. It might however, make developers think twice before working with you, knowing that you are such a volatile public person whose priority seems to be a misguided political agenda built on falsehood and wilful misrepresentation of the facts. Not a spokesperson I would personally engage with for my company, certainly not.

I thoroughly condemn the idea that my followers and viewers are horrible people who would engage in harassment. I accept the obvious, that in such a huge group there will be some assholes and I also accept the reality that I can do nothing about that. I will not apologise for things I did not do or provoke, I will not apologise for defending my audience. Feel free to do the appropriate mental gymnastics to justify your horrendous abuse, if you were one of the ones who perpetrated it. Despite how hurtful yesterday was, I'm kind of glad it happened. It exposed some of these people for what they truly are. Vicious, deluded, self-righteous abusers. If someone like that tells you you are part of a hate group, tell them to look in a mirror.