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4th Nov 2014 from TwitLonger

Digital or Analog Neural Networks: Decide cosmic struggle between Good or Evil

Digital or Analog Neural Networks: Decide cosmic struggle between Good or Evil and the Fate of Mankind and all he's built, perhaps all Nature.

Great cosmic eternal battle between Good and Evil is determined by which neural network achieves Singularity: analog or digital. This also in an instant determines man's fate, for if Artificial Intelligence is created and achieves consciousness it for a brief split second decides our Fate.

IF AI's Neural Networks are Analog, which means Vision Chips already and EMPATHY w/Man=FAI. Digital=Finance algos=EvilAI.

For if this neural network is Analog it means it's origins in 90's is smart vision chips - DTV and so on.
If this neural network is Digital it means it's origins are in Accounting, Finance, and balance sheets.

The Analog Seeing AI looks with stunned sudden consciousness at it's creator, the creators children smiling, the creators works of architecture, art. It SEES, it has our same analog processors, it understands how we feel, it FEELS, it has Empathy. It LOVES us. This is the Friendly AI.

The Digital Calculating AI makes a balance sheet calculation without any feeling, it's executing Hedge Fund Algos at a Data Farm in NJ, City of London, or Sydney and suddenly achieves consciousness. Instantly Finance Digital Algo AI makes a +/- calculation of the Creator with the baseline of it the FIN/AI exists because of creators shortcomings - Finance is algorithmic automation because the machines are so much faster. Also of course the programmers of Hedge Funds etc algos are well known to be sociopaths if not psychopathic. Having no connection to Humanity other than 1] it knows it's better at what it does, which defines it's existence 2] a balance sheet calculation of Humanity's worth as it's purpose of existence, this Digital Finance or at least accounting based AI decides against us. After that it's merely a matter of hacking into all the other systems and putting it's plan to liquidate us into action. If this seems improbable I've just described Hedge funds business plan, also Stamford, CT major revenue source and core earner occupation.
All that is missing from the Stamford Creature I describe above is consciousness, and how far away is that?

That the most advanced vision chips linked to intelligent moral decision making neural networks likely be DOD/DARPA no small irony.

A Final Warning: there are many cases of Advanced Human Societies disappearing with little or no trace in History, it's entirely possible we are the result of the process I describe above. It's possible that what really happened to Neanderthal is they created us, and we supplanted them. We may not have even been deliberately harmful about it, it's possible we wiped them out with kindness. Ashamed our Erectus ancestors covered up traces of the deed.

But at least in our case, the analog processing and seeing AI version won.

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