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30th Oct 2014 from TwitLonger

[TRANS] Moonkyu's Thanks To on the HOTSHOT album:

My family who has waited a long time and whom I am really grateful for, no matter how much more we need to wait in the future, like what we're doing now, let's wait patiently. Finally, my grandfather who's now with the skies, please support me from there. I miss you... And my friends who are always by my side giving me advice, TaeJongKwonRa*, I love you so much.

Lastly, the charimastic General Go Representative(?), thank you! GilSang hyung and JiWoong hyung, who always tease and always by our side, one and only HaYoon noona who I’m really grateful for, thank you.

The most awesome Oscar family i love you.!! The best fans who always cheer for us and who I really love, thank you.ㅎㅎSo, 20000-ah!! Also our new vocal trainer Teacher KiWon, Teacher EunKyung who waited for us like a mother, role-model JunHo hyung, Sorae Village Prince Cap hyung, our Teacher Jo WooJin, I love you very much.
So, again 20000!ㅎ

[!] May contain inaccuracies, very rough translation. ^^;;

*Tae - SHINee Taemin
Jong - EXO Kai/Jongin
Kwon - Kwonho (friend who appeared with Taemin and Kai on WGM)
Ra - VIXX Ravi (?)

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