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15th Oct 2014 from TwitLonger



1.Hitler's speach was a lie.Nurenberg trials took it under record.

2.Vereshagin's 1840s painting of skulls was used as Liarmenian skulls

3.Liarmenian population in 1914 and 1922 according to the USA records was 2.200.000 and 3.300.000 after war

4.Mr.Morgenthau's diary was completelt written by his Liarmenian Secretery

5.Bue Book has been written for propoganda only

6.40 days in Moses Mountain aswell

7.All have been written by Toynbee were manufactured for propoganda against the Ottomans.

8.The crying Liarmenian boy and the Turkish soldier fake photo

9.Mustafa Kemal and Liarmenian boy under his leg fake photo

10.Mr.Kacaznuni's book of confessions about non-existing Disney Genocide tale

11.Yerevan Museum has no even a single original document in there

12.Closed Liarmenian arcieves are still closed

13.Joint commission for the Liarmenian genocide is a strong fear of Mr.Liar sarkissian

14.There are no mass graves in Der Zor Syria

15.There are no mass graves in Anatolia no eyewithnesses no documents nothing.

16.Talat Pasha's telegram has been written 25 years after his dead by a Liarmenian liar.

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