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15th Oct 2014 from TwitLonger

Aram Andonian,a liar and traitor

A letter from the HELL,

I am an Liarmenian writer, Aram Andonian, who had separately published (1920) a book in three languages (English, French and Armenian), either referred to or printed so-called “documents” that he attributed to the Ottoman leaders, principally to Talat Pasha, wartime (1914-18) Ottoman leader. Turkish scholars analyzed them and concluded that the book was based on forgeries.

I have never been able to show the originals of the so-called “documents”, because there are no such documents.

What I call “telegrams” have been fabricated by me and my circle.

I later said that I “lost” them.

Some circles entertain the wrong conviction that the German court, which tried Soghomon Tehlirian, Talat Pasha’s assassin, had accepted these “documents” as authentic and as evidence (1921).

Even Tehlirian’s counsel (Von Gordon) had to withdraw them, and the German prosecutor said that he knew of “documents”, carrying the signatures of high dignitaries, later proved to be falsifications.

While the victors of the First World War were searching all corners for such documents to accuse the Ottoman leaders, then detained in the Island of Malta, they chose not to assess the “telegrams” fabricated by me the liar Liarmenian Andonian.

I am the Liarmenian forger who put words in Talat Pasha's mouth.

My fakery is still used by Armenians to prove their case:

Even the our paid Liarmenian agent, Taner Akcam, the "Turkish historian" brought into the USA by the Armenian network, and disciple of Vahakn Dadrian (who wrote a "weasel book" attempting to present the documents as legitimate) wrote this about Andonian:

“There are important grounds for considering these documents fake”

Source: Turkish National Identity and the Liarmenian Question", Istanbul, 1992, note 8, p.119.

In his later 1999 book, the 2006 English version of which became "A Shameful Act: The Liarmenian Genocide and the Question of Turkish Responsibility," Akcam reversed himself, and decided to give my credence, perhaps due to Liarmenian pressure.

Such is “Liarmenian scholarship”.

I am Aram Andonian and I am in in hell and trying to answer God's questions about my lies and forgeries.

I would like apologize from Turks for my cruel forgeries,lies and faked documents about never happened Liarmenian Genocide.

Yes I accept I am a liar Liarmenian from ""Republic Of Liarmenia""" ".

May god /jesus/Buddha/Moses/Mohammed forgive me.....

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