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Two mathematical calculation theories about Armenian Genocide Bullshit

Two New Theories about Armenian Genocide...
Did they kill 1.500.000 armenians and carried them to Syria by train wagons or trucks when 1.000.000 Turkish soldiers were struggling in Canakkale with allies Moronik?

1.500.000 Deads = 9000 Train Wagons

one wagon=20 metres

9000 wagons=180.000 Metres

1000metres=1 Km.

180.000 metres= 180 kms.

Istanbul-Yalova =176 kms

Berlin-leipzig =178 kms

Istanbul-Edirne= 180 kms

Roma -Napoli = 188 kms


In Turkish we say""It is a lie with a long tail""

This one is lie with a long Train :)))


If turks could kill %50 more armenians, Wagons may fit this distance too:)))

Turks were poor in WW 1 they could not kill them all with gas and burn them in specially designed owens with coal.

They killed them with rifles and pistols.

Every single victim has been shot with 3 bullets for the certain result.

That means 4.5 millions of bullets.

One bullet is 20grams

that makes 90.000.000 grams

90.000 kilos

90 tons

It took 5 minutes to kill a victim and at least 15 minutes more to carry to the wagons

That makes 20 minutes.

1.500.000 victims X 20 minutes minutes

500.000 hours

At least 2 soldiers must be there to carry.
that means 3 millions soldiers.

that makes another transportation problem
All Ottoman empire was 10 millions in the ww 1 and they were fighting in 12 fronts in the same time.

Only in Dardanelles 250 000 soldiers have been killed in 1915 .

If The Turks worked 12 hours a day

500.000 hours made 41.666 days.

It means 114 years.

1915+114 years

Hahahahahahahaahahahahahaahaha hahaahaha

They say mass Graves are in Del Zor.
No they are in DER ZORT :)))


Another Thesis;

Prof Dr Mumtaz expains genocide story in engineering approach.
This is my Phd thesis in Harvard University.Civil engineering department.
Subject:Optimum excavation calculation for 7500 massgraves,for 1.5 million Armenian.
Standart grave sizes:0.8m width,2m lenght,1.2 hight
Volume:0.8 x 2 x 1.2 = 1.92m3
Turks are barbarian and genocider people so i accepted that they put 3 armenian in that volume.
So 1.92 / 3=0.64m3
So for 1.5 million Armenian it needs 1.500,000x0.64=960000 m3 earth work for excavation.
if we add ''refill'',
it is 960000 x 2 = 1920 000 m3 earth work (excavation plus refill)
nearly 2 million meter cube.
Necessary equipments and machines for that earth work:
10 excavator
4 Grader
2 Dozer
10 Loder
2 Scraper
10 Tractor
2 Water truck
2 Fuel truck
50 Lorry (Daper)
1 Project manager
10 Civil engineer
2 Geological engineer
2 Mechanical engineer
10 Surveyor
20 Formen
30 Technition
100 Driver
2500 Worker
Duration of the project:2 Years.(1915+2=1917)

I like Armenian genocide story.

According to USA documents of 1922 There were 3.300.000armenians are in Turkey and the territory.

Lets make a calculation

There were 2.200.000 Armenians in Turkey in 1914
Turks murdered (hahahaha)1.500.000 until 1918 but Armenians worked very hard and rise their population to 3.300.000like rats and rabbits.


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