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12th Oct 2014 from TwitLonger

Theory on the person behind Anitaofjesus' recent threats

After seeing this jackass threaten Anita & hastag gamergate along with porn, I I baited him with an IP tracker 3 times. All 3 reports show up with a Brazil IP and the 3rd bait attempt I made the destination page an page error. The 3rd log shows the page being accessed twice, a minute after I tweeted them so he must have reloaded it.

AnitaofJesus lists the Brazilian website with an article calling out Anita, written by Mateus Prado Sousa.

His personal twitter account listed in the article is @CelebrinandoRJ an account that had been reported by Anita and banned earlier today after engaging her about #GGC14, which is a common element in AnitaofJesus' tweets. He also has been called out for behavior over the past few days, and complain about Sarkeesian on twitter but can view his tweets because of blocked. He also engaged Leigh Alexander who Anitaofjesus also calls out in his threats.

I posted his name on a tweet of his and after that he gave up for the night right after posting this

I realize this is not concrete proof but my suspicion is it was him or a friend of his, person from a forum where he frequents or reader of his article from Brazil. Its also weird why he would list his own article on the twitter but who knows.

Gamergate would never condone or take part in such horrendous behavior, I am sorry that Anita has to go through this again and lets hope she hasn't read any of it because its late and Twitter will have blocked them by now. Seriously Twitter Brianna Wus threat was gone after 15 minutes, why did this stay up after tons of reports? I am tired sorry for the confusing and crappy writing

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