{FANACC} 140823 Taemin - 'Danger' Recording for MBC 'Music Core'

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- Mucore rec finished. We started chanting LEE TAEMIN as he was leaving so he decided to rip his jacket off cooly...and couldnt get it off OTL
- Fanstaff told SHAWols to stop asking Taemin if he'd eaten because he's not a little kid. Then Taemin came out and asked us if we'd eaten ㅋㅋㅋ
- Taemin was standing behind the set bars and pouting: I'm in prison D: Then he pretended he was handcuffed by putting his hands behind him
- Taemin told SHAWols to go and eat after the recording.....but we can't because we have to help cheer for Orange Caramel ㅠ.ㅠ im hungry ㅠ.ㅠ
- There was an intro stage and the PDs kept saying they would record straight away but Taemin's choreo hyung bullied them to let them rehearse
- Taemin told us today was Hwang Sanghun's last day dancing with them and had the dancers make a circle and clap hands and cheer for him ^.^
- Taemin was singing Hwangun's praises and teasing him and when he went to hug him, Hwangun was really embarassed and pushed Taem away gently
- You could see Taemin was tired but he was looking for new ways to interact with fans and make us laugh ^.^
- Taemin went offstage to have his hair and make up touched up and he stopped on the second step and just bent forward, offering his face.
- Holy shit if I was that stylist I would have died. Taemin just closed his eyes and let the cute male hair stylist rough up his hair ㅋㅋ
- I'm so envious of the girl stylist. Yesterday she was gently cotton budding Taems lips, today he offered his face to her so she could powder
- I think I totally fucked up the Blackbeat choregraphers name....apologies. I should look that up ^.^;;;;;
- Taemin mini poster from Music Core~~! pic.twitter.com/95GI7PA2Mq
- When they finish the pd calls 수고했어요 You worked hard! And Taemin was like: :O oh, we're done :O :O

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- MuCore recording finished! Taemin did it in 2 and half takes!
- The stage had a lot of bars and at the end Taemin was reaching through them and made a comment about being in jail.
- He was even holding his hands together as if handcuffed.
- There was still questions about if Taemin had eaten but he asked us first.
- At the end of the recording and Taemin was leaving fans started chanting '이 태민' so he came back and tore off his jacket dancing.
- At the start of the recording Taemin gathered all of the dancers on stage to do a huddle and 'Fighting'
- Alao if anyone claims Taemin lipsynced today I call foul. He was live, listened to two vocal recordings too.
- Taemin knelt down close to the end of the stage to talk to a cameraman and the fans went 'awe'. He looked a little confused by it.
- Taemin is getting really chatty. His mic was on the whole time so he would make comments to others and everyone could hear.
- The main thing I don't like about standing is it is hard to watch Taemin's feet while dancing. They are beautiful to watch
- They did a take half starting closer to the end so Taemin knelt on the floor like a school boy.
- Taemin mini poster for those who came to MBC today pic.twitter.com/1n9boQwmYy
- Taemin was playing around with his ending poses. I am interested to see which one makes the cut
- Taemin gets along really well with his back up dancers. He was playing around with them watching as the practiced dance bits.
- Taemin did so well. He is working on being more talkative and it is working. A lot of side comments and just being playful.
- Taemin is a massive cutie but the moment the music starts he instantly transforms into this sexy man.
- Taemin would hold his end pose for a long time. At the end he was holding it and was surprised when the PD said he was finished.

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- Just left Danger recording for Mucore.He rehearsed once and recorded twice; and then recorded the last part behind some cool props once more
- The stage was so cool today. There were bars&raised up they looked like metal wings on both sides of the stage.white wings at the screen etc
- They changed the last part of the choreo and stood behind the lowered bars and he did his dance solo behind them ㅠ ㅠ
- Nailed the live today if I do say so myself but I like the chorus more than the speak talking parts. He was so good in the chorus it hurts
- This time he asked us first if we'd eaten ㅠ ㅠ we said no so at the end of the recording he remembered and told us to go eat now ㅠ ㅠ
- Today was the choreographer from Black Beats last stage with him so he asked them to all gather and do a hwaiting together.
- He also talked about how hard he's worked for him and said he's suffered a lot because he even went to the U.S with him
- the end he even mentioned how that guy said Taem naturally had a sultry/sexy look in his eyes at that bio-type show they filmed XD lmao
- He rehearsed the live twice backstage.The first time he held the note longer but he shortened it the 2nd time because of the dance break.
- sang fully live thru all recordings after too ㅠ ㅠ could hear him breathing hard in between and after the takes ㅠ ㅠ
- We were chanting"Lee Taemin" so he came back and tried to take his jacket off. Went nuts when it got stuck at the wrists&did a crazy danceXD
- He was looking for things to say, keept giving us thumbs ups behind the bars, acts like he's handcuffed, he's so comfy&interactive now ㅠ ㅠ
- At the end of the 1st recording the end pose was so fucking breathtakingㅠ ㅠ
- The spotlight was right above his head looking like a halo and he was stanfing still holding the ending pose and omg fucking angel ㅠ ㅠ
- The 2nd ending pose after the changed stage stting was hotter tho =/ looking into the cam sideways and all hot
- I half expected him to have the headband on today since he hasn't done that look yet but he wasn't wearing it.
- there was a group of tourists sitting in the front and they were midfucked the whole time over all the fanchants and baloons and lightsticks
- Taem getting directions from the PD is like Jonghyun on radio. "Ne, ne, ne , Nenenene, Ne. Ne. Ne~~"
- Lining up to get our special mini posters now ♡♡♡
- When they lowered the bars Taemin went behind them&said something but most couldnt hear him so he repeated himself louder sayin Get me outXD

- The rehersal ㅠ ㅠ Thoughtful Taemin ㅠ ㅠ right in the kokoro ㅠ ㅠ When he 1st went on stage they had a rehersal. During rehersals the cams don't so record so the artists and the dancers go thru the motions but don't dance as forceful. Taem remembered us and he told us to not hurt our throats and not cheer so loud cause it's not recordingㅠ ㅠ we cheered even louder. Obviously.

- Oh! When the PD said it was a rehersal Taem kept asking "no-cam?""no-cam then?""No-cam?""ok no-cam" XD even the audio guys behind me laughed
- During promos they always pick a random day to hand out mini posters to all the attendees that day.
- I was lucky enough they picked my last show here to hand out the Taemin ones ㅠ ㅠ absolutely gorgeous... pic.twitter.com/weDtu34Pcz

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