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16th Aug 2014 from TwitLonger

ukrainian false flag murder on mh17 in an effort to get nato into ukraine


And now for why i strongly believe poroshenko signed the death warrant of the people onboard mh17

The tragic events of flight mh17 were already is already a whitewash with claims and counter claims .i will be posting here why i strongly believe kiev government of poroshenko is behind the attack and why...Deliberate attack in an effort to get nato into ukraine ....Given the tissue of lies the keiv gov are willing to spout i doubt it was an accident

Look at the events prior to to the crash when arseniy yatsenyuk seized power with the help of right sector a far right fascist group trained by nato by shooting both police and maidan protesters showing that they have no problem shooting unarmed people to get what they want.
Upon taking government they began to purge government buildings as well as the military of non supporters of svoboda political well as any politicians from russian speaking east ukraine .btw the current junta was not elected by the people of ukraine they were "elected" by the svoboda party

Also any free press or any press that didn't become a mouth piece for the new government here is svoboda party member threatening news boss and beating or threatening anyone one who disagrees with the party
They vowed to "liquidate" the people from the east branding them subhuman .
Thats when people from the east set up self defense forces because they didn't support the overthrow of the government of viktor yanukovych..thats when the right sector was formed into a national guard and azov battalion .they wasted no time cleansing ukraine of subhumuns in odessa and mariopel ...they claimed that the protesters actually set fire to themselves ....And began shelling eastern cities ..well you get picture of what these guys are about

While in government they have a number of times asked nato and european union to send troops to help with this "cleansing" this has so far been refused as ukraine is not in nato.
But that didn't stop western leaders sending cash and equipment to the keiv junta in an effort to kick off a conflict between russia and nato clearly for their own benefit and has attacked russian territory over 20 times to date as well as a raft of sanctions by the west despite critical views from russians putin has not been bated into crossing the border.

He instead chose to back rebel fighters with weapons and cash as the west has been doing for ukraine ...
Frustrated by this the junta has stepped up attacks on the east shelling wildly into the cities as well as deliberately targeting russian journalists and and issuing death threats to russian affiliates ...still russian troops didnt cross the border..

Just prior to the crash poroshenko announced on 8th of july that the rebels were in for a nasty surprise in donesk ?? what is this nasty surprise ..chemical weapons??overwhelming force??nato boots on the ground??..
Only one day prior to the plane being brought down keiv military deployed buk m1 aa system in the donesk region this is a very odd thing to do as rebels do not have any aircraft .

On the day of the attack a spanish air traffic controller working at kiev airport reportedly seen or tracked two military planes escorting or following the plane and posted it on his twitter page {which is now deleted} @spainbuca but the page with last entry is still on google is a transcript of his views and here is an interview he gave {sorry english speakers its in spanish} ..

Flight mh17 was directed by kiev to fly over the donesk region despite the concerns of the pilot which in the weeks before all airlines recommended not flying over the area
The pilot was instructed to descend from 35.000 feet to 32.000 feet ..the plane was brought down at 4.20 local time witnesses say they heard 3 loud claps then reported seeing bodies and debris falling from the sky..

Kiev then released a supposed tape recording of 2 rebel commanders discussing shooting down a plane at 4.40{20 minutes afterwards} saying they were going to "look for the pilots" implying they may have shot down a ukr army transport plane.....
Tape continues at 4.33 {yes thats right we went back in time} when alleged commanders says they have found the crash site and have counted at least 200 bodies.
Bare in mind that crash debris is scattered over a 10 mile area in sunflower and grain fields and i assume a small number of rebels would have been looking and able to report to commander all the info such as first finding the crash site counting at least 200 bodies then reporting back to commander all this info so commander can report all this to another commander in -7 minutes ..yes i said minus 7 minutes lol time travelling rebels see time stamp top right
i STRONGLY recommend you download this vid as ukr army deleted the original vid from their website when they realized their gaff and it may be deleted from youtube......and here is a vid of phone call being outed as been made on the 16th {flight went down on 17th}

They also claim that they had photo and video evidence which was picked up and printed by uk daily mail saying they have photos showing the buk missile system being transported through rebel held town of torez..however the locals in which the video of the truck is being transported say that the location is not torez and has been under the control of kiev gov also a 13 second {lol} of what they claim is the buk used being transported back to russian which has 2 missiles missing...But in this photo that kiev says is the missile system being transported back to russia that only has one missile missing and is on a different trailer than the one shown in the the video hydraulic ramps are missing and the trailer is longer in the photo why switch trailers??.........
Also note the tag number on the side it shows the number 312 now watch this vid and pause on 34 seconds then double click play button to see a slow motion frame at 37 sec of a ukraine army convoy of buk and you will see the tag number of 312 third in the convoy

If indeed it was the rebels then kiev is doing a great job of convincing me that they didn't

And you would think keiv would want an investigating launched right away to prove the rebels or russia did attack the plane but instead they demanded that nato send troops into ukraine and nato would be only too happy to do so and have actually launched an attack on the crash site despite the concerns of the dutch government

There is also speculation that putins plane may have been the target as it flew in the area 40 minutes later was his plane and flight mh 17 which was sent to the area later to be blamed on a mid air collision???ok i'm sorry that is just speculation...but why did no witnesses reported seeing telltale signs of a missile launch such as contrail/vapour trail of a missile which america and keiv had "evidence" of the same day??? with seeing what an investigation would uncover.
The keiv junta and america has already got their excuse in that the rebels have tampered with evidence just in case evidence shows the rebels didn't do it

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