Hey Twitterers - new update blog detailing exciting new stuff coming to gaming this year, and a new survival horror project. Go check it out!

Happy first birthday, Curse of Blackwater! Can't believe it's already been a year. First and foremost, thank you for still being subscribed to this page after the long period of inactivity!

If you're a fan, or even just a gamer in general, you should definitely read this blog post - exciting stuff is coming our way for video games in 2015

Where have I been all this time? I've just completed my first year of a Computer Science degree at university - which is turning out to be way more intense than I first thought, and has left me with little time for game development. However, it is now summer, and as usual when I have little else to do, I turn to game development - and yes, the wheels are in motion for a new survival horror game!

I have learned a lot from developing TCOB and SMS, and will be applying everything I've learned to this next horror project. Here's a few key things I have identified:

-DRM is a waste of time, for both developers and end users. All future software titles will be DRM free.
-The indie game market is highly competitive, and good value for money is expected. Future games will be much more polished, with much more content, and with a lower initial price point.
-A patching system is a must. Releasing updates as separate builds is a nightmare for everyone.

That's just a few things! I have also spent the last year researching Unity, learning its ins and outs, and how to push the boundaries of the engine as far as possible. Unity 5 is right around the corner, and contains some insane new features, such as Enlighten, the lighting technology that helped make Battlefield 3 so beautiful, and physically based shading. So expect this next title to be beautiful, more optimised, and with much more content.

I am definitely in no rush to finish this game, as I want it to be as polished and as good as it can be. As a developer, my ultimate goal is to produce work that I am proud of, and the payoff from that comes when I read the reviews, and watch people get scared by events that I've carefully crafted into the game. As such, this game won't be out in 2014, and potentially even 2015 depending on my workload for next year.

Anyway, time to end this blog post before it gets too long. If you haven't already, subscribe to my YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/MarcSteene) - new content will be coming soon! Thank you again to all the fans, you guys are what keep me developing, and push me to produce the best quality content I possibly can. Any comments or questions are welcome below

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