This post was made on TwitLonger. Lots of people ask how it works, so the easiest way is to show you how…

When you sign in with your Twitter account, you're taken to the new post page where you can write as much as you need. Once you're happy with what you've written, hit the “Post It” button and TwitLonger takes care of the rest.

TwitLonger automatically gets the first 100 or so characters and uses these to create a tweet with a link to the actual TwitLonger post. Your followers can click on the link to see the rest of the post or, if they use a Twitter client that supports TwitLonger, it will display directly.

Once signed in with your Twitter account, you can also manage your older TwitLonger posts, including deleting ones you no longer want.

TwitLonger is purposely kept as simple as possible. There is no text formatting, no image upload, just the words you write. So make them good.

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