On being neoreactionary:

I've never been wholeheartedly comfy with the Neoreactionary label. I am constitutionally Reactionary. But I wuz an early adopter of MM and so it is I have come to be identified as Neoreactionary. If you've any doubts, you should see me at the Orthosphere NYC meetups.

Lately I've been saying "New Reaction" in the hopes of getting people to think same as old reaction but only new. But this isn't really right. Sandwich's latest Moreright post (and Land and Laliberte been saying the same thing forever) suggests that there really is a unique thing to Neoreaction that is not merely regular old reaction. And all this all dovetails nicely with what Ash Milton was saying yesterday. (In fact, I suspect Sandwich was reading Milton or vice-versa.)

So anyway, yes, I'm a neoreactionary, but only because I'm a reactionary.

And I'll try to keep those terms straight in the future.

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