Mollie King Birthday Book 2014

This year’s email address is:
Official updates will only be posted via the Official Twitter and Facebook Accounts @MollieBDay14 and

Hello you lovely lot,
It comes to the time of the year again where we start to ask for messages for Mollie’s birthday book. This year Mollie turns 27 and we want her to know how much she’s loved by making her the most amazing birthday book. But to do this we need your help… please have a look at all the different sections we have listed below and show your support in as many as you can. There’s also some surprises this year. We also have a little sub book which is being made by two big Mollie fans Kayah and Jodie @molgasm and @hellyeahthesats we’re excited to see what they come up with.

Charity Fundraiser: To celebrate Mollie’s dedication and support for raising awareness for Dyslexia Action we have decided to create a Just Giving Page to raise as much money as we can for the charity to celebrate Mollie’s Birthday. All messages and donations will be included as a section of the book. The Charity are really excited to see what will happen, we also plan ourselves to do a few events to go with this (to be discussed) We aim to raise around £200 but let’s see if we can raise as much as we can. Any donation counts even if you can only afford to donate a little amount we and the charity and Mollie herself will be very grateful. JustGiving donate 100% of donations DIRECTLY to the charity. There is no middle person. You can donate online at the official page: you can also TEXT to donate. Text MKBD87 £3 to 70070 (or any amount you want)

Messages in a jar: We’re going to make up a jar and put loads of cute messages in to make Mollie smile if she ever feels down. So we want any little cute messages or quotes to make her smile.

General Messages: These are general Happy Birthday messages however shot/ long you want them to be feel free to jazz them up with pictures of Mollie. You can also include Happy Birthday blends, poems, drawings,memes etc etc. Basically anything you’ve always wanted to say to Mollie but never had the chance.

Meet Team Mollie: Any photo’s you have with Mollie and page describing why you love her, favourite photos/ quotes etc about her. Maybe you’ve met a friend/ boyfriend/girlfriend through Mollie we’d love to see how your friendships have blossomed so please include any of this here and any photos of you together etc.

Where’s Mollie? : As you all know Mollie has been the face of Oasis for the past year and will continue working with them this year. Oasis have done some amazing shop window displays both inside and outside and outside the store. So we want your pictures of these stores and any other photos of Mollie you see out and about maybe on the cover of a magazine, on a poster or billboard. Let’s see how many places around the UK we can find Mollie.

Princess Mollie King : We want all your photos, quotes etc of Mollie basically being fabulous or a disney princess whether it be on stage, or just being Mollie.

On The Catwalk: To show Mollie’s love of fashion/beauty we want to see collages of your favourite outfits Mollie has worn, also your favourite beauty looks of hers too. Feel free to put accompanying text with it to explain why.

Not Giving Up: Last Year we had so many messages saying how Mollie has helped and inspired people with her openness of dyslexia. Lots of these were really touching and we want to give you all another chance to let Mollie see how she inspires you in life whether you’re dyslexic or not.

Oops Mollie Did It Again!: Here feel free to include any blends/quotes of any funny moments Mollie has done over the years either on Twitter or in interviews in flips.

You Gotta Work Mollie: We want all your memes from Mollie and Aaron’s video of Work B*tch the funnier the better, here you can include any general memes too.

Mini Princesses: Mollie has always had loads of really sweet younger fans who adore her, and to show Miss Disney how much she is loved here we want photos of any younger sisters/nieces/god daughters/ daughters/ friends etc dressed in their favourite Disney Princess outfit.

Freeze Face: Pause any Saturdays video on Mollie’s face print screen it and then send it us in, the more hilarious the better.

Happy Birthday Mollie (in chocolate) A you all know Mollie loves her chocolate, we’re going to give out all the different letters and we want you to make letters out of either chocolates or chocolate bars.

Alfie King: This section is all about things Alfie, any blends, memes, drawings anything which will make Mollie smile about her best friend. If you have a dog and would like to take a picture of him/her with a happy birthday sign.

Mollie and Britney go to Las Vegas: To celebrate Mollie’s love of her favourite American pop star we want any blends of Mollie and Britney together of any dream situations if Mollie met Britney on her Las Vegas Tour.

You have till May to get all of this due in but as we know a lot of you have exams coming up so please don’t feel under any pressure we’re very understanding about this.

Please try and get all pages done on an A4 word document and try and use Comic Sans font if you can as it’s the most dyslexia friendly font and e-mail

If you have any questions please feel free to just ask any of us
Our personal twitters are @frolliethesats_ @marvelousmollie @lovemochellex and @thesatscouk

We look forward to seeing anything you have, let’s make this the best book Mollie’s ever seen.

Love Rosie, Matt, Megan and Paris xxx

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