@realjonghyun90: "@NEWDONGJIN: I am actually dating SHINee's Jonghyun. I thought the busy star would be shocked to know that he's dating me, so I'm keeping it a secret from him. (You guys should think about it too. When yoy come to your senses, be dating Shin Dongjin.)" Wait, what is this?

@realjonghyun90: @NEWDONGJIN I'm gonna sue you for spreading false information kehe

@realjonghyun90: @NEWDONGJIN Who are you to be doing this!! I'm gonna run away!!

@NEWDONGJIN: @realjonghyun90 It's not false information. It's just that you haven't known yet no no.

@NEWDONGJIN: If Kim Jonghyun sues me, I'll be happy with being the defendant.

(T/N: This Twitter user often tweets Jonghyun these types of ridiculous things for fun.)

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