Some Alcohol Terms

Dr K K Aggarwal

1. Do not start if you do not drink
Limit if you take and can not stop
3. STANDARD DRINK definition differs in countries: US = 14-15 gram alcohol equivalent to 12oz beer, 5oz wine and 1.5 oz 80 proof liquor; UK 8 gram alcohol, Japan 19.75 gram alcohol and India 10 grams alcohol
4. Standard Drink usually means a US drink
5. Alcohol contents: Beer 5%; Malt liquor 7%; Table wine 12%; Fortified wine (sherry, port) 17%; Cordial liquor (aperitif) 24%; Brandy (single jigger) 40% and 80 proof gin, Vodka, whisky 40%
6. 10 ml of alcohol (hard liquor) = 0.8gm of alcohol
7. 1oz = 30ml
8. 12 oz of beer = 360ml of beer (360x5% = 18ml of alcohol = 14.4gm of alcohol)
9. 18oz of beer = 8 to 9oz of malt liquor = 5oz of table wine = 3-4oz of 45 wine = 2-3 oz of cordial liquor=1.5oz of brandy=1.5oz hard liquor
10. Binge drinking means 4 or more drinks in one drinking occasion (women) or 5 or more in one drink occasion (men)
11. Heavy Drinking means women more than 7 drinks per week or 3 drinks per occasion or men more than 14 drinks per week or 4 drinks per occasion.
12. Moderate Drinking means women less than 2 drinks per day and men less than 3 drinks per day and for people age more than 65 less than two drinks per day
13. Safe limits: No level of alcohol compensation can be 100% safe for some people
14. Contraindications: No alcohol in pregnancy, present or strong family history of alcoholism, previous paralysis because of brain hemorrhage, liver disease, pancreas disease, running potentially dangerous equipment or machinery
15. Limit alcohol in acute gastritis, esophagitis, strong family history of breast cancer and pre cancer GI lesions.
16. Ideal dose of alcohol = 6 gm per day
17. 10-15gm of ethanol is found in one glass of wine, one cane or bottle of beer or one mixed drink.
18. One should not take more than two drinks (men), one drink daily women.
19. Men under the age of 45 may experience more harm than benefit from alcohol consumption.
20. Alcohol benefits for the heart are only in 45+ people.

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