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2nd Dec 2013 from TwitLonger

Junsu-I'm JYJ's Junsu. For this fanmeeting,Yoohwan had prepared a lot. If Yoohwan improves his Japanese, I'll give him a lesson on oyaji gag...Everyone, do give him your support! To make him less nervous, support him your loud cheers! Please give him your support in the future too, okay? That's all from me. Annyong~ byebye~

Yoochun- Annyong haseyo, I'm Park Yoochun. My younger brother Yoohwan is holding his first fanmeeting in Japan. At home, he's basically a younger brother...of course he's my younger brother but..I as a family has always been supporting him but, outside of the house, he's working hard as an actor. As an older brother, I'm very happy to see his progress. I'm currently filming for Sea Fog and I haven't seen him for a while. When I heard that he'll be holding a fanmeeting in Japan, I'm very happy and I hope in the future, I hope he'll be a good and actor. I don't say this but in my heart, I always support him...so I hope you work hard from now onward too. I don't know when I will see Yoohwan next, but do well for your activities in Japan and once I finished my movie filming, let's eat together at home. Work hard! Fighting!

Jaejoong- Hi everyone! I'm Jaejoong~ Is everyone doing well? Are you having fun now? Today, Yoohwan-kun is holding a fanmeeting in Japan. I think you're having a sweet time spending time with him.. Everyone have seen his drama right? In the drama, I heard that he plays that character of the top star among all the musicians..I think..I too want to play that type of character once..I'm jealous of you, Yoohwan-kun...are you working hard now? Today, I hope you'll have an enjoyable and happy time~

Trans by ~hellyryther~for JYJ3

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