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4th Nov 2013 from TwitLonger

[FTTRANS] 11/04/2013 Hongki Fan Cafe Message
"Wow!!! So awesome!! You guys really grew up!!"
I can't believe we are getting these feedback.
Now~ I'll tell you guys again.
We were born as Idols.
So we didn't have time to learn about writing music. We were all about performing.
This may sound like an excuse but it's kinda true.
We were really busy.
So we started writing music on our own.
We released them first in Japan...
Sometimes they are good, other times they are not.
And we still need lots of arrangements.
We want to study more so we learn from those who are good at re-arranging music.
That's what we are doing.
And because I really hate everything we've been doing so far, all the negative comments and because we want to do our own music...
so we still argue alot with the company.
But this time, I think I was a little foolish.
There is time for everything...
The mass public did forget about us, right?
So our new song will help us get closer to them.
So I am personally excited about our next album.
The song is already out.
Thank you so much for looking out for us. You guys rock.
I'm sorry for saying foolish things.
Things got a little out of control.
I'll be more careful next time!! guys are really amazing!! ㅡ @skullhong

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