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20th Oct 2013 from TwitLonger

To be honest, I wasn't here since the beginning. I was not here during the x-factor days and I was not here to support you during the Red or Black performance. I wasn't here to tell you how perfect you are and how much I love you. I cannot say that I've been waiting for three years for you to notice me. I wanna apologize for that. But when I finally did discover you guys, it wasn't because you guys were big and famous. 2011 was a bad year for me. I was struggling to find out who I am and why the hell am I so ugly. I was struggling with academics and my social life. I was struggling with everything. I was blocking the world out. Until one day, I came across a photo on my iTouch safari. It was a picture of you. You saved me, Harry, more than you could ever imagine.
I was mesmerized by the deep color of your eyes on that picture. I was transfixed on your smile and your dimple. I was wondering who is this boy and why is he so goddamn beautiful.
Pretty soon I found myself typing "Harry Styles" onto the google search engine. Pictures of you came out and I soon found myself smiling. Then I heard your voice, so deep and so beautiful. Before I even realized it, you became the reason why I would smile. Everyday things would happen at school and I would come home with a frown on my face, then I would look at pictures of you or listen to your voice and I would smile.
Then I got myself a twitter. I thought to myself maybe you'll finally know how much you saved me. That's when I realized that I'll probably never get you to notice me considering you had millions of girls loving you as much as I do.
But I vowed to myself that one day I'll have you know:

You are my superhero.
You are not invincible, I know, but you are my hero.
You cry and you break down. I've seen videos of them. They all break my heart. But you always pick yourself up in the end. You stand strong. You learned to ignore the haters. I did too. Because of you.
You also taught me to be myself. All the cheesy jokes you tell, all the strange tweets you post, not lots of people understand them or like them. But as long as you like them, you will say them or post them. I love that part of you so much.
You taught me how to smile each day. I've rarely seen any pictures of you where you're not smiling. That smile is the reason why I smile. The way your lips curl up and your eyes light up and your dimples show. It makes me wanna smile so hard and never stop.

I hope one day, you will see this. And perhaps you may be smiling or you may be frowning. But you should know, in this world, there's this girl smiling because of you and you should keep on smiling because your smile is the reason she smiles.

I love you so much Harry.

I'm sorry I'm not very good with words. :(

Love forever, Annie.

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