This is the very last time I will speak on this. I did not ring the police about your tweet @lord_sugar . I complained online shortly after you wrote it. The police rang me at around 11pm that night. They asked me did I want them to come out & take a report? I said no. I was taken aback that they actually even called. They said if I decided I wanted to make a complaint then to ring. I said I didn't. Put the phone down & thought nothing else of it. They then rang me again at around 8 am the following morning. They told me even though I don't want to pursue it, they have to take a report. I have 3 kids & I run a shop so I did not have time to sit at home & wait for them. That is why I said I would go to the station. All this is noted with the police so you can check if you don't believe me. I wanted to just voice my opinion & be heard. I am of mixed English/Chinese heritage & my partner & children are chinese. What you wrote did offend me. I am not sorry for voicing my opinion because you would have done exactly the same if you were me. I did not go to the paper. Again you can check. A reporter from the mail on Sunday rang me. When I asked how he got my number? He said the electoral roll. I told him I only wanted to complain online, I had no idea it would have been taken so seriously. This is the last time I will speak on this. What I have said is the truth. Did I over react? Yes I probably did. But I have no doubt that you would have felt exactly the same way, had you been in my shoes.

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