@MJJJusticePrjct "Terrorist threat" AAAHAAAAHAAAAA So do you have proof of this "terrorist threat" ?? didn't think so.

EVER DAY, EVERY HOUR, EVERY MINUTE, EVERY WHERE i turn there you are spreading malicious rumors about me!

How old and UGLY you must be can't even show your mutt. How sad n lonely your life must be all you look forward to is fantasizing about me!

Keep harping on with your obsession over me. YOU can not be ME! Can NOT have what i have! YOU will NEVER know the people i know! You will NEVER have the connections I have! YOU can never break my connections with your passive aggressive behavior!

World renowned media have read your deranged blogs using my name, have stated YOU are nothing but a "jealous" being trying to ride my coat tail, The only reason you USE my name is bc its what draws attention to your dead 'free blog'

I hope you enjoy the thrill of me giving you 10 seconds of my attention...

Enjoy it hunny, Make it last....

Its been TWO years since i last threw you a bone, now you can carry on BEGGING for my attention for another two years...

"Terrorist threats" ROFLMFAO You should go into writing fictitious book so you can play out all your twisted fantasies. And in case you didn't know making "Terrorist threats" is a felony!

P.S. Thanks for all the hate, Its bc of you haters i am loved so much by my 'connections'

*wink, wink*

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