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21st Aug 2013 from TwitLonger

ALL OF @_ninni 's gifs so far, from AFTEE, THANK YOU! LAST UPDATE AUGUST 20st

Let's Dance! gif - http://bit.ly/18HFmHU

Adam and Nile playing (Trespassing) gif - http://bit.ly/18HFpDD

"Yeah, my ass! Wait till ya get a load of me!" gif - http://bit.ly/18HFtTU

Adam and Nile at it again (Trespassing) gif - http://bit.ly/18HFya4

Jacket off! gif - http://bit.ly/1d3KWcI

Come on and take me underground... gif - http://bit.ly/1d3KYBl

Come on and turn me, turn me on... gif - http://bit.ly/1d3L249

Feeling pretty fierce in my dancin' shoes! gif - http://bit.ly/1d3L2RG

No I ain't broken but I need a fix... gif - http://bit.ly/1d3L5wT

Cause I'm feeling so shady lately! gif - http://bit.ly/1d3L8su

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