Dear Mr Obama
I am writing you this note because I am an Egyptian who is a dedicated observer of history and would like to have your opinion on the following subject :
We all know that President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth in 1865 and who, after cold-bloodedly shooting Lincoln in the back of the head , shouted "sic semper tyrannis" (latin for:"Thus always to tyrants" attributed to Brutus at Caesars assassination). Wilkes was cornered 12 days later and killed and 8 of his fellow conspirators were arrested , 4 of which were hanged . President Lincoln was succeeded by his vice-president Andrew Johnson.
Now let us assume for arguments' sake that you , Mr President were in Andrew Johnson's place :
Would you , after your inauguration , pardon Booth's fellow conspirators ? Would you invite them to join you in the presidential stand to attend the parade of one of your most important national and military holidays (which also coincides with the day Lincoln was assassinated )? Would you purposely omit inviting Lincolns' family ? Would purposely snub the army and omit inviting their leaders to attend ?At this same ceremony, would you also invite an avowed terrorist who openly boasts of having shot and killed 116 unarmed soldiers in cold blood? Would you be surprised if a majority of your fellow citizens did not approve of you and wanted to impeach you and remove you from office ? How do you think other world leaders will judge you?

Mohamed Morsi (member of the Moslem Brotherhood) is the president who committed all these atrocities , the conspirators (pardoned by Morsi, also members of the Moslem Brotherhood) were the ones who assassinated President Anwar Sadat , the national holiday was October 6th 2012 , Assem AbdelMaged ( pardoned by Morsi and also member of the MB) is the terrorist who murdered 116 unarmed soldiers . Morsi also pardoned 300 Jihadists imprisoned in Egyptian jails ,some of whom had been sentenced to death.
Mr Obama , I will not question your administrations' questionable (and extremely naïve) unwavering support of the Moslem Brotherhood – although this relationship resembles more akin to a deal between the heads of mafia families rather than an alliance in world politics . I will not question whether your intelligence services know what the Moslem Brotherhood is really about ,their strategy, their goals , their fascist and criminal 80 year past drenched in the blood of political assassinations – 9/11, Ossama ben Laden , Omar Abdelrahman, AlQaeda , Hamas , and countless other terrorist organizations are all different sides of the same coin . Nor will I question whether you (your administration and intelligence services) have noticed that many of the banners that the pro-Morsi demonstrators hold are the same as the banners held by AlQaeda in Afghanistan , Syria ,Pakistan, Yemen etc . Nor will I question how you could give your unlimited financial and political backing to a regime whose military arm is Hamas (who the US considers as a terrorist organization)? Nor will I question whether you agree that our world would have been a better place if (in the 1930's) the German people had copied the actions taken by the Egyptians and removed their president (Reichsfuhrer ) who was incidentally also "democratically " elected - wouldn't it have prevented the Holocaust, saved many tens of millions lives lost in the war, and spared the untold misery of all the occupied nations?

Many of us in Egypt used to consider the US as the champion of the free world for freedom , justice and human rights and yet you have chosen to tarnish this image by backing the openly fascist regime of Mohamed Morsi who was leading Egypt and the Arab world to certain destruction .What happened in Egypt was a popular revolution and could never be described as a military coup by any stretch of the imagination . I suggest you have your intelligence agency/ies compare the awesome size of the Egyptian anti-Morsi demonstrations of June 30th and July 3rd 2013 with the (very) small pro-Morsi ones on Google earth. Unbiased western observers estimate the anti-Morsi protesters to be between 25 – 30 million and describe it as the biggest protest in history .
Now ,if that doesn't qualify as a revolution, I don't know what does!
Raouf Mishriki
Cairo – Egypt
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