Rick B · @TenPercent

4th Aug 2013 from TwitLonger

@Dis_PPL_Protest @AnitaBellows12 @Hossylass @suey2y @edwinmandella @clarercgp @chocolatewig @blacktriangle1 bottom line: in law the offence is tested as does the person feel discriminated against, I can categorically state that his views made me feel discriminated against. I felt if I were his patient I would not get adequate care because he is prejudice against people with disabilities and especially if those disabilities meant they had to be involved with the social security system because they were not independently wealthy or could not earn enough to live, hence both class/status based bigotry and ableism. I would suspect if his patients were surveyed we may indeed find evidence of poor treatment and even malpractice. This is not different to a doctor expressing racist views and then questioning if people of colour would receive equal treatment from that doctor.

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