@KamaalRKhan Reply to your challenges!!!!
Open letter to KRK

Hello KRK,

In reply to your challenge to the biggies who are having their releases in few weeks, I, on behalf of your fans & haters, would like you to clarify certain points regarding your challenge and the video posted on the same.

1) You have said that Madras Cafe & OUATIMD will FLOP and that you will quit twitter if it doesn't happen. What I really want to know and understand is "your" definition of FLOP. Now-a-days the film recovers most of it's cost even though it does not have a good BO run. I don't want you to say later that because Madras Cafe & OUATIMD has recovered from satellite & music rights, it cannot be considered a Flop, as that will save you from quitting Twitter & posting your YouTube reviews.
Please clarify that is it only the BO collections we consider here when you are saying Hit or Flop? I want this clarification because I don't think that OUATIMD is going to Flop AT ALL. Not sure about Madraz Cafe though.

2) Again you say that if Chennai Express does not collect 150 crores or more at the BO, you will quit Twitter and never review movies. I can in return challenge you that 150 cr Chennai Express ke liye bohot dur ki baat hai. RaOne ko promote karte karte SRK ki haalat marne jaisi ho gayi thi toh Chennai Express toh phir bhi kuch nahi hai.

3) In another video, you have said that '100% surely' 30 crore first day collection toh pakka hai Chennai Express ke liye. I hope you will stand by your words till the first day because I can again challenge you on this. Being just a fan of Bollywood and no particular star, let me tell you that SRK is NO Salman Khan to get a 30+crore opening day. (Unless, you & SRK are dreaming)

Are you in turn ready to accept my challenge?? I am writing on behalf of everyone who thinks your challenges are not going to work in your favor. I like your reviews and I am not a hater, but still I think you will soon have to say Good Bye to Twitter.....

Plz RT this tweet if your have enough guts and ready to accept my challenge in return.

Thank you,
Bollywood Fan

P.S: Agli baar challenge phekne se pehle plz hazaar baar sochle aap.
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