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21st Jul 2013 from TwitLonger

Do Libyan Amazighs have legitimate concerns? or just baseless fears? #Libya #constitution #Amazigh.

Since the liberation of the country from Gaddafi regime, there have been several events and statements that clearly indicate that the exclusion of the Amazigh is the common goal for islamists, secularists and state officials. These are some of indications;

1 - Grand Mufti al Ghiryani statement in Zuwara "the whole idea of constitutionalization of Tamazight language is Fetna ", and thus must be combated.

2 - Chairman of libya's NTC, MAJ on TV interview "those who demand Amazigh rights have foreign agendas, they are not real Libyans"

3 - NTC's Committee that wrote the Constitutional Declaration denied the recognition Tamazight language as an official/national language. Everyone remembers "human rights activist" Fathi Trebel statement at the meeting to finalize the The Constitution Declaration when he said "Libya doesn't have Tamazight, it's imported from Algeria and Morocco," that led to the resignation of Mr. Khaled Zakri (Jadu's representative) from that committee.

4 - The marginalization of the Amazigh in al Kieb government, when Libyan citizens were classified in the following manner; first-class citizens those of the rebellious regions (non-Amazigh), second-class citizens of the regions in favor of the continuation of the rule of Gaddafi and fought for him, and third-class citizens those who came from berber Areas.

5 - The bill for electing the constitution commission that is created so that does not guarantee basic human rights of the minorities. It is only to enhance domination of the majority, blow multiculturalism, and open the door to totalitarian rule.


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