Nice post by JLE on MJ's. C/P here so no one has to give her hits (I took one for the team).

"Here is a view from a long time Queen fan. And no, I wasn't born when they started. Queen is iconic and loved around the world. I was devastated when Freddie died. My friends thought I was nuts. (high school). I lived overseas for quite a while and fell in love when I was very young.

After Freddie, time passed and then Queen came out with Paul Rodgers. I was not a fan of Paul at ALL. He is fine with his band but he had a very small range and couldn't even come close to pulling off Queen's more challenging catalog. They didn't even try most songs. Marc Martel is just a sound alike, to me, and brings nothing new to the group. Some long time fans will say they want him but as soon as he would sign up they would rip him apart too."Too much a copy cat." That is the problem with legends, it is hard to let go of someone that is that great. No one can replace Freddie. Ever.

I watched Idol and liked Adam. But, that was about it. When I heard they were getting an icon award and preforming at the EMA's I was curious. Expecting to hate whoever was singing. I was VERY surprised to hear Adam. Thought it was okay but he had a lot of vibrato going on so not so sure. Watched it back a few times and just caught something that made me take notice. Confidence? The high notes? Not sure to this day. Anyway, when it was announced that Queen and Adam were dong Sonisphere I thought, well, why not. I have waited my whole life to see and hear Queen music live so let's go. When it was cancelled I was actually sad. Then they announced Hammersmith, the "home" of Queen. I had to go. I was WAY more excited to see Roger and Brian and still a little upset that Deacon stayed retired. Still iffy on Adam.

Met a bunch of Queen fans at Distillers Arms bar down the street from Hammersmith, all not quite sure what to expect. Seven Seas of Rhye opened the show and by the time it got to Don't Stop Me Now we were hooked. WHAT? Who is this? He was incredible. I was shocked. I almost didn't want to like him but I did. In fact I bought scalper tickets for the next 2 shows.

I started looking into Adam as an artist and he has an amazing voice and great stage presence. I like some of his music and actually went to a concert recently. He is better on stage than his recorded music. He just needs the right material and the right promotion at the same time. He is tricky because he is so hard to define as an artist. Is he rock? Is he pop? Is he a ballad singer? Kind of like Freddie, he blurred the lines with music and incorporated it all. That is why Queen's music is iconic and that is why I feel it is a great honor that Brian and Roger feel like he is good enough to stand with them and sing those songs that are timeless. To diminish what he brings to Queen is silly and I have learned not to judge because people will surprise you if you give them a chance."

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