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12th Jul 2013 from TwitLonger

[TRANS] @realjonghyun90:
Why did Roo gain so much weight?
Look at her, please lose some weight.
stop eating.

a beautiful dog, not anymore.
now you're a fat dog.
get rid of those belly fat.

i'll ignore the right spelling for awhile.
so is this a poetic dog?
sorry i'll stop."

(T/N: 개 means dog but it sounds the same as 게 which means something like "i will" in this context, basically jonghyun has came up with another joke/word-play that is similar to his previous tweet)

RT “@realjonghyun90: 개
루가 왤케 살쪘개?
이보개 살좀빼시개

더 이상 아니야 아름다운 개
이제 넌 통통한 나의 비개
없앨개 뱃살에 잔뜩 낀 비개

맞춤법은 잠깐 무시할개
그럼 이개 시적허용이개?
미안 그만할개 http://t.co/fPRsdtwRG7”

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