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11th Jul 2013 from TwitLonger

Traslation of German article about Adam Lambert on Glee.

The source is

I have to admit, that it makes me happy to see reporting about Adam twice in a few days :)

Lea Michele
Excited about Adam Lambert

The actress Lea Michele is “excited“ to be able to welcome singer Adam Lambert at “Glee“.
Lea Michele (26) is thrilled, that Adam Lambert (31) will join “Glee” in the new season.
Recently we got to know, that the singer ('If I Had You') will appear on the 5th season of the musical TV series. Glee star Lea Michele is excited having him on board. She tweeted: „I’m excited that Adam Lambert is going to be on next season! I hope he is with me in New York.“
The inventor of the series, Ryan Murphy (47), announced the happy news about Lambert’s engagement. He informed the viewers via twitter: “I’m I am thrilled to announce to the fans, that Adam Lambert is joining the cast of Glee this fall.” The singer answered immediately. “I’m overhappy!”
It’s not known yet, what character the musican will play and in how many episodes you can see him.
Lambert is the newest “American Idol”-star, appearing on Glee. Before him the runner-up of seasin 11, Jessica Sanchez, was several times on the series. Lambert highly praised the show. “Glee is simply irresistible, it’s fascinating, he told in an interview with “Hollywood Reporter” and added, that ideally he would play himself.
He has experience doing that: in the past he played himself in the ABC series “Pretty Little Liars”. The broadcasting of the 5th season of Glee with Adam Lambert will start in September.

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