Just wrote about @KobeBryant on Greg Newell's (Pete Newell's son)facebook page. Greg is always talking basketball & has an incredible number of knowledgeable BB people who comment. Request to be his friend if you enjoy discussing the game. One follower put Kobe Bryant on blast, commenting on how selfish Kobe is and not blaming Dwight Howard for looking elsewhere. I wrote the following in response to his attack on Kobe. Those who have read my comments on twitter might be surprised at what I wrote:

Kobe's already been exposed - Phil Jackson did it in his book "The Last Season," but I think Bobby Speck is being too hard on the Kobe we see today. I really think Kobe has matured in the latter stages of his career. I've been as hard on Kobe as anyone, but I also know from personal experience how tough MJ could be on his teammates. You either could withstand the force of his personality or you couldn't. Many wilted, those who could handle the pressure, earned his respect. Rick Barry was no peach. I'm sure we can think of many others. Kobe came into a man's world as a boy - NBA is a hard world to come into as a boy - He's matured more than most give him credit for - I enjoy listening to Kobe talk about the game. I thought his comments at Jerry Buss' memorial were incredible. A man should be judged for his entire career, not just part of it. Hopefully, we all grow as we experience different situations. For some it happens sooner, for others, later. I've got nothing but respect for "Bean" - them last two chips didn't come from him being a selfish prick.


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