[Trans] Yoochun's letter to his mum during park mama's bday.

To Mum!! MUMMY!!
these days I hadn't done anything good, but I will do even better next time~
because I didn't write letter for a long time, its weird, right? no?
I wrote birthday card, but I guess Yoohwan wouldn't be doing this right? HEHEHE.
Because its your birthday today,so??? how old are you exactly? BUT STILL! Wishing you a very very happy birthday, actually I wanted to write this birthday letter with charisma and touched you, but mum will cry right? so.. I am kind? I will take good care of Yoohwan and listen to mum, don't worry, understand? lastly! Happy Birthday!!!
I love you! (love you)
Prince (son) Yoochun!

source:64_6002 @ micky party 2013
Chinese trans:暖日呀呀 @ weibo
English trans: Sixzerozerotwo

Thank you. :)

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