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24th May 2013 from TwitLonger

#freethecheese Following national news coverage and concerns from the public regarding an unofficial cheese rolling event in Gloucestershire we feel it is important to address inaccuracies and the key issues that the public have raised.

Several months ago one police officer visited the son and mother who in the past have produced the cheese for both official and unofficial cheese rolling events.

The purpose of this visit was to advise them that, in the absence of a recognised organiser, anyone that facilitates the event could be deemed to be an organiser by default. In this case that person could then attract the legal liability issues that come with hosting the cheese rolling.

We felt, and still feel, that it is important that those who, by law, could be constituted as organisers of the event are aware of the responsibilities that come with it so that they can make an informed decision about their participation.

The same information was given to others who could be deemed as ‘organisers’.

Those that were visited by the officer thanked him for his time and the advice. In February they were also sent a letter confirming the information that had been given and encouraging them to contact the officer if they had any questions or queries.

No one has been “banned” from making or providing the cheese.

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